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The Joy of Collaborative Writing

The era of passive consumers is over. We are all prosumers now! For as long as I can remember I’ve gone by the “Release early, release often” philosophy in my writing, a principle adopted from the field of software development. … Continue reading

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Being Okay With Uncertainty

It took me a year, from the initial idea to taking action, to start living without money. This was in 2010. Likewise, four years later, ending the moneyless escapades and finding my way back to the so-called ordinary life took … Continue reading

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Getting Along with (almost) Anyone

There’s a lot of unnecessary duality in our societies: Muslims vs Christians, Men vs Women, Rich vs Poor, Dog people vs Cat lovers… just to give a few examples. This “Us vs Them” attitude is everywhere, as if it was … Continue reading

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Through our upbringing and Western cultural values we are led to believe that you have to be independent, no matter what.

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Problems Are Good For You!

Many people who live hand-to-mouth are, in fact, very happy. I’m not saying that people should adapt to the dire injustice of extreme poverty — or that I would have ever truly struggled to survive. No, I’ve never experienced what it really … Continue reading

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Back to Blogosphere

In the past I’ve had several blogs and they all kind of withered away or I intentionally put an end to them. And it’s totally fine! Even if in the beginning you’re super hyped up about sharing your thoughts to … Continue reading

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