The Joy of Collaborative Writing

The era of passive consumers is over. We are all prosumers now! For as long as I can remember I’ve gone by the “Release early, release often” philosophy in my writing, a principle adopted from the field of software development. Why?

07_Kaushik_INDIAFirst of all, when you engage the readers in the writing process – to give input and feedback early on – this results to better quality of the end product. You can work out the kinks along the way and learn to spot pitfalls that could push people’s buttons unnecessarily.

Second, even more importantly, every artist should acknowledge the fact that their creations are not really theirs to begin with. Every word, every expression, every experience is borrowed – common to all of us.

The approach I’ve taken with my upcoming eBook “Rich Without Money” is collaborative writing on steroids! The readers are not only providing their input and feedback but also helping to spread the word of what’s coming up. Dozens of enthusiastic friends around the world are making this happen! A shared effort truly creates a unique feeling: we’re in this together.

05_Mac_ITALYIf you would like to be part of this journey, you can comment on the introduction chapter Starter Soup of Tears. Just follow the link and right-click to comment.

Thank you for your contribution!



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1 Response to The Joy of Collaborative Writing

  1. freeGarden says:

    Thanks for all your work and inspiration so far 🙂
    I would like to help bringing some input. Especially cause I’m anyway planing to write a bit the webproject living-free-of-money.
    Right now there’s not much content to find, but should change in the comming time. If you find some interesting content, just feel free to pick it up 🙂

    lg Paul

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