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backpackerIn the past I’ve had several blogs and they all kind of withered away or I intentionally put an end to them. And it’s totally fine! Even if in the beginning you’re super hyped up about sharing your thoughts to the world regarding certain something, after a while you feel obliged to update the blog and it starts feeling like a burden.


Nowgasm was an exception to this. I co-authored it with Lea and it was about our moneyless travels in Mexico and Central America. It was fun, while it lasted.

Now, I’m in an interesting point in life – not moneyless any more yet not quite brainwashed by the rat race either. Besides I’m soon heading to Benin, West Africa, for a few months. Should enough people show interest in my latest book “How to live without money”, which is currently available only in Finnish, I will focus my energies in re-writing that in English. Otherwise, I’ll probably scribble something else. 🙂

Either way, perhaps it’s time to return to blogging. Hope you enjoy.


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